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19 March 2010 @ 01:28 am
the mystery of the magnifying glass.  

this is about the proposal story. hmmm. to keep it short, the boy proposed on her birthday weekend and the girl feels short-changed. because the ring became the birthday present instead!

the girl was sick and came home late from work one day (2 days before her birthday) and was feeling extremely terrible and glad that the weekend is here. its her birthday weekend! but, she was made to go on a treasure hunt filled with random clues hidden in her house, in his house, in the car and even travelling some distance to find her present!

they ended up in seletar dam, with the girl coughing badly and shivering in the cold in her fbt shorts and a racer back top, while the winds howl and blow in her face. the girl wanted to head home, but the guy was insistent in her finding the present. she was near tears and the boy finally gave in and told her to search the car. she found a bouquet of flowers in the car boot, and spent 5 mins digging in every single nook of the car before she spotted a small little box under the passenger seat.

it was a magnifying glass! the girl, against her best intentions, screamed... OMG, why are you buying me a magnifying glass? are you going to get me a real tiny diamond ring?!?!

of cos, the boy was thrown off by the statement, tried to remain calm and told her girl that it is a special magnifying glass.

she was to look through the glass..

and when she did, a diamond ring appeared right in front of her eyes.. with the boy eagerly holding it. a squeal from the girl and a tad surprised.

the boy went down on knee and asked the girl to marry her.

it was a simple proposal, yet the sweetest thing shared between the couple. all at a place that they used to hang out a lot when they were dating, because the girl enjoyed the peace in that place, the slight splashing of the water against the rocks in the reservoir and the calm in the night. or when it was raining and they would sit in the car and enjoy the pitter patter sounds of the rain.

those were the days. and that, was the moment.

OMG, as i was typing this.. i realised.. what happened to all that romance now?!

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